Military Uniform Display Case
Only $228.99

Neat Thing Holder 16 x 22
Only $105.99



Have You Been Searching To Buy A Military Shadowbox?
If you are looking for a military presentation shadowbox, look no further! We offer military shadowboxes including, military retirement shadow box ideas, burial flag shadowboxes, military flag and medal shadowboxes, and just from looking around you can create your own military shadow box instructions from our decorative examples. We invite you to take a look around our site and find the best collector shadow box military themed that suits your interest. These patriotic military shadowboxes are perfect for any special memorbilia. We understand that decorating shadow boxes with loved items should be fun and custom to each customers style. We hope to satisfy all of our customers shadow box scrapbooking needs. Click on any of the links below to find out more detailed information on any of our military craft shadowboxes.

    Description Price
1.   Colonial Shadowbox for Smaller Flag
Item No. FD-001
2.   Flag Display Case for Smaller Flag
Item No. FD-006
3.   Flag Display Case for Memorial Flag
Item No. FD-007
4.   Classic Shadowbox for Smaller Flag
Item No. FD-003
5.   Classic Shadowbox for Memorial Flag
Item No. FD-004
6.   Federal Flag Display Case for Memorial Flag
Item No. FD-011
7.   Federal Shadowbox for Memorial Flag
Item No. FD-012
8.   Award Display Case
Item No. FD-005
9.   Large Award Display Case
Item No. FD-015
10.   Coin Display Case
Item No. FD-008
11.   Federal Shadowbox for Smaller Flag
Item No. FD-016
12.   Military Uniform Display Case
Item No. FD-017
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